Indoor Air Quality Solutions

What's in your air? Find out with AMI's indoor air quality tests.

Find out how safe your home or office is today with one or our informative home indoor air quality solutions. Once you've finished complete indoor air testing in your home, office or car you'll be equipped with the knowledge of exactly the type of filtration, treatment or monitoring your home or office needs.

Our inexpensive, practical approach to residential indoor testing puts the power back in your hands. Avoid exorbitant prices and complex explanations by doing your own indoor analysis.

In plain English and with easy to follow instructions, you'll be able to complete your residential testing without complicated explanations. By making car, office and home air testing easy, we're providing you with the tools you need to better understand the quality of the environment you breathe in. Don't play guessing games with your family's health, and don't pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for something you can do for just a few bucks. Try an indoor air testing kit today from A.M.I. Services!
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