Tempalert Ethernet Gateway Wireless Temperature monitorZoom

Tempalert Ethernet Gateway Wireless Temperature monitor

Tempalert Ethernet Gateway Wireless Temperature monitor
Item# TM-WIFI440-Z
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Feature Highlights

Plug & Play - Sets up in 3 minutes

Add up to 24 Wireless Sensors per Gateway

Use Insights Dashboard for alerting & reporting


TempAlert's Ethernet Gateway is a remote monitoring system that connects directly to an ethernet cable. Connect Wireless Sensors to the Ethernet Gateway to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and more, and configure alerts when conditions fall outside of your set ranges.

Cellular & Ethernet Gateways act as the connection hub for all wireless sensors.

Flexible Connectivity: Select Ethernet or Cellular connectivity for Gateways, or add both gateway types for redundancy.

Store & Forward: In the event of power loss or connectivity interruption, Gateways can store sensor readings internally until connection or power is reestablished. Sensor readings are then forwarded to the Insights Dashboard.

Plug & Play Install: Sensors automatically connect to your TempAlert gateway to provide a self provisioning installation process. Centralized configuration is provided through our web-based dashboard.

Note: Purchase of an Ethernet Gateway includes a standard wireless sensor. At least one wireless sensor is needed to function properly.
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