Tempalert Cellular Gateway TM-CELL600-WSZoom

Tempalert Cellular Gateway TM-CELL600-WS

Tempalert Cellular Gateway TM-CELL600-WS
Item# TM-CELL600-WS
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TempAlert's Cellular Gateway is a cellular-based, remote monitoring system that connects to a cellular network via GSM or CDMA. Connect Wireless Sensors to the Cellular Gateway to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and more, and configure alerts when conditions fall outside of your set ranges.

Deploys in Minutes: Install in minutes with self-provisioning wire-free sensors.

home_difference-collaborateCollaborative Monitoring: Drive efficiency with TempAlert's collaborative system for incident management and cross-team workflows.

deploy-icon-enterprise-gradeEnterprise Grade: Store & forward technology for lossless monitoring, 5-year battery life, IP-67 rated sensors, and AES encryption and certificates.

home_difference-actionableProactive Insights: Gain visibility with predictive models and simulated product temperatures that enable proactive decision making.
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