Scalewatcher Commercial for Treatment of Hard Water

Scalewatcher Commercial for Treatment of Hard Water
Commercial Water Treatment

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An effective means of treating hard water problems in commercial Buildings and saving money in production costs.

Hard water substantially increases energy consumption, necessitates equipment downtime for cleaning and results in the early renewal of capital equipment. Executives involved in running a business, local government department or institution are under increasing pressure to cut costs and become more efficient. However this must be carried out with due regard to increasing environmental legislation.

From its many years experience in treating hard water problems, Scalewatcher has refined and developed its Electronic Descaling Systems. These provide companies with a clean, effective and environmentally friendly means of removing and preventing lime scale build-up.

Advances in micro-electronics have enabled Scalewatcher to produce a system which is so compact that it can be installed in small or normally inaccessible spaces. Ideal for commercial applications such as laundries, hotels, garages, restaurants and bakeries. The Scalewatcher Commercial is available in NEMA2/IP54, though any ingress rating or configuration can be supplied.

Easily installed and requiring no plumbing, chemicals or maintenance, Scalewatcher will:

• Remove scale from pipe work

• Remove scale from heat exchangers and steam boilers

• Reduce the scale in desalinization equipment

• Increase the life of capital equipment

• Reduce cleaning costs, chemicals & labor

• Save water in Golf Courses

• Save chlorine and maintenance in swimming pools

• Provide a short term payback

With thousands of successful applications in Europe and North America, this technology will eliminate the need for salt-based water softeners.

For INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL applications, Scalewatcher™ technology can save millions of gallons of water, thousands of dollars in no longer needed chemical treatment, and resulting in lower energy bills.

Our patented electromagnetic scale prevention technology will effectively prevent scale in:

• Boilers and Steam Boilers

• Calorifiers

• Heat Exchangers

Easily installed and requiring no plumbing, chemicals or maintenance, Scalewatcher benefits include :

* Increased life for capital equipment

* Lower energy bills

* Short term payback

* Reduced mechanical damage and failure

* Environmentally friendly and hazard free

Commercial Operating principle

The principle of magnetic water treatment is not new. The first patent was granted around 1900. Scalewatcher™ takes this knowledge into the 21st century by using a patented technology.

The electronic device treats the water by inducing magnetic AND electric fields with a continuous changing frequency. This forces the free dissolved minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium to crystallize in the bulk of the water before the mineral ions (which are the cause of hard scale) settle at the walls of piping, bathroom or heating elements of dishwasher and washing machine. This action stops or reduces any further build up of hard scale as there are less free mineral ions (used up to form harmless crystals) The capability of the water to dissolve minerals will also be increased and this is the reason why hard scale layers will be softened, will slowly enter the water stream, and will disappear down the drain.

This means that for thirty to ninety days after installation you will notice increased scale within the water system. This means the Scalewatcher is working effectively to remove old hard scale layers

Same applies for commercial buildings and Industry.

The explanation of how it works is the same for domestic, commercial or Industrial applications.

The main effect of the treatment is that crystal growth is promoted in the bulk of the water. The side effect of crystal growth out of Calcium and Bicarbonate ions is, that Carbon Dioxide bubbles are formed, being able to dissolve and soften old scale layers.

The flow rate will finish the job by sheer mechanical force. The treatment therefore needs flowing water to be effective.

Applications of this kind of water treatment where there is no flow, may need additional treatment by systems being able to remove mineral ions from the water. (Ion exchangers where Calcium ions are replaced by Sodium ions).

Examples are the dishwasher in restaurants or hospitals and humidifiers in museums or paper factories. Where water evaporates the crystals will collect on the surface as soft material which is easy to remove without the need of acid cleaning.
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