Scalewatcher Commercial

Scalewatcher Commercial
Commercial Water Treatment

An effective means of treating hard water problems in commercial Buildings and saving money in production costs.

Hard water substantially increases energy consumption, necessitates equipment downtime for cleaning and results in the early renewal of capital equipment. Executives involved in running a business, local government department or institution are under increasing pressure to cut costs and become more efficient. However this must be carried out with due regard to increasing environmental legislation.

From its many years experience in treating hard water problems, Scalewatcher has refined and developed its Electronic Descaling Systems. These provide companies with a clean, effective and environmentally friendly means of removing and preventing lime scale build-up.

Advances in micro-electronics have enabled Scalewatcher to produce a system which is so compact that it can be installed in small or normally inaccessible spaces. Ideal for commercial applications such as laundries, hotels, garages, restaurants and bakeries. The Scalewatcher Commercial is available in NEMA2/IP54, though any ingress rating or configuration can be supplied.
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