Ozone Test Kits (4 tests)Zoom

Ozone Test Kits (4 tests)

Ozone Test Kits (4 tests)
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Eco-Badge Ozone Test Kits.

Are you concerned about the amount of ozone in your air? Do you use an air purifier that produces ozone? Be sure the ozone levels in your home are safe. Donít risk it. Certain air purifiers utilize different types of technology that convert ozone into safer and more effective ions. These technologies will give you all benefits of ozone without the harmful side effects. Buy an Eco-badge ozone test kit and give yourself piece of mind knowing that you are giving your family the safest air purifier available.

There are four tests included so you can check four different areas of your home or perform two before and after results.

Get results in 1 Hour with simple directions and easy to follow chart (provided) to determine your ozone levels. Range is from 20 PPB to 240 PPB (parts per billion)

Test for Ozone in your air with Eco-badge Ozone Testing Kits.

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