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Long Term radon test kit

Long Term radon test kit
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According to the EPA, a long term test is the best way to determine your exposure to radon during different seasons and living conditions in your home, providing a better estimate of your actual risk.

The long term radon test kit remains in your home for more than 90 days, allowing you to measure the radon level under normal living conditions. A long term radon test takes into account all the changes in weather that occur during the radon gas test period, as well as the changes in the way you occupy/use your house under differing weather conditions. Weather conditions and ventilation habits can influence the radon level in your house, and with this type of radon gas test you measure the way you actually live, opening and closing doors and windows any time you want and using mechanical ventilation as you normally do.

The long term radon test operates on a very different principle than the short term radon test kit and provides a much better indication of your home's long term average radon level. Inside the unit is a piece of film that records the impacts (tracks) of alpha particles produced by the decay of radon and its decay by-product, polonium. At the end of the radon gas test period, the radon testing kit is sent in the pre-paid mailer to the laboratory, who counts the alpha tracks on the film, computes the radon concentration, and reports the analysis.

Features of the long term radon gas test kit:

Test period: 91 days to 1 year.

Ideal for follow-up measurements.

Includes instructions,prepaid return mailer and lab analysis

Complete written report by fax, mail or email

Sorry, no radon kits can be sold to customers in the state of New Jersey.
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