Indoor Air Quality Monitors for home

 Indoor Air Quality Monitors for home
Protect your family and home with our innovative indoor air quality monitors from Dylos.

Dylos Corporation offers air quality monitoring at its best. The Dylos home air quality monitors are a diagnostic tool that provide information crucial to determining whether your indoor air quality is safe and healthy for you and your family. Capable of detecting the number and size of particles from bacteria, mold spore, dust, insect feces and smoke, these air quality sensors are ideal for any home, office or workshop. With a true laser particle counter and real time readings that can respond to a change in particle levels within 6 seconds, the units are able to detect particulate matter in 2 concentration thresholds; particle size will vary depending on the model.

Designed specifically for consumer use, the Dylos air quality sensors are affordable, simple to use and virtually maintenance free. With a number of convenient features, you will be able to take air samples hourly or continuously and view the data history in minute, hour or daily mode. Some models have a COM Port Interface allowing you to link the device to your laptop or PC to capture sampled data for future graphing and analysis.

With the knowledge you gain from your Dylos air quality monitor, you will be able to take the steps necessary to improve your indoor air quality with either the purchase of an Air Purifier or an Air Cleaner. If you already have one of these, a Dylos air quality sensor will let you know if the air purifier is doing the job it was meant to do.

All Dylos models come with a 90 day limited warranty on material defects and workmanship. At their discretion, Dylos will either repair or replace the unit within the warranty period.

Try a Dylos air quality Particulate monitor today.

If you're concerned about the quality of your indoor air then buy a Dylos indoor air monitoring device today.
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