The Scalewatcher CM2

The Scalewatcher CM2

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The Scalewatcher CM2 Commercial Water Treatment System

The Scalewatcher Commercial range is specifically designed for hotels, bars, restaurants, sauna, laundries, buildings, bakeries and anywhere where potable water is used. Only to be used inside.

Technical specifications:

Mains voltage:110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power: Less than 16 Watt depending on model

Mains cable: Three meter (10 ft) with molded mains plug

Overload protection: Internal fuse

Signal cable: One core and enough length to make the coil

Controls: "Power On", "Cable connected" and Failure LEDs

Electrical Standard: Scalewatcher conforms to the low voltage directive of the EC for house hold use.

Ingress protection: The units are hermetically sealed to IP54 (NEMA2) and can be operated in damp surroundings.

Dimensions: 7.8x4.5x2.5/200x115x64 mm3

Weight: 32 OZ/0.9 kg

To be used for pipe diameters up to 2"

Suitable for all pipe materials

The following commercial models are available for indoor use:

CM2: 2, CM4: 4

Manufacturer's guarantee: Five years

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