Airocide Commercial Units

Airocide Commercial Units
A.M.I. Services introduces to you the newest line of Airocide Commercial air purification solutions. The Airocide air sanitation technology was developed by NASA. This latest Airocide innovation is a non chemical, no ozone air purification technology that removes airborne contaminants and prevents airborne cross-contamination protecting your company in addition to your companies products and brands. Airocide does this both efficiently and cost effectively.

The story started in space. NASA scientists were tasked with learning how to grow and manage their own crops. They had to build space-age greenhouses to grow large scale crops. They quickly discovered the presence of Ethylene, which is a naturally occurring gas that is given off by plants and speeds up ripening of vegetables and fruit. But in a closed environment, the gas built up too quickly causing plants to mature too fast. So NASA had to quickly find out how to greatly reduce this build up of Ethylene gas.

That's where Airocide comes in. It was not only important to remove this gas in outer space but also in cold storage warehouses, florists and commercial grocers here on earth as well where shelf life is shortened from Ethylene gas as well.

The Airocide technology mineralizes (turns organics into water & carbon dioxide) mold, fungi, airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens, odors and VOC's (volatile organic compounds). It also doesn't produce any harmful byproducts like ozone.

The Airocide technology was first used aboard the Columbia STS-73 mission to successfully to remove ethylene gas and other airborne contaminants to preserve crop growth.

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