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Airgle Purepal AG600

Airgle Purepal AG600
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The Airgle PurePal AG600 Room air purifier

The Airgle PurePal AG600 delivers exceptional air purification for your home. By combining superior technologies for particle filtration, molecular control and biological control, the PurePal AG600 has an efficiency rating of 99.991%. 25 sq. ft. of cHEPA filter, specifically engineered for commercial applications, captures spores, pollen, and other irritating and harmful allergens. 3.5-lbs. of coconut shell activated carbon absorbs odors from pets, cooking, tobacco as well as VOC’s. The patented Titanium Pro module uses photocatalytic oxidation technology to break down harmful chemicals/odors and kill bacteria/viruses down to 0.1 microns, making the PurePal AG600 6x more powerful and efficient than other traditional air purifiers. Energy Star certified for its low energy consumption, the AG600 is perfect for any small/medium rooms up to 296 sq. ft.

The Airgle AG600 has a number of features to make purifying the air in your home a breeze. The LCD digital display monitors not only the air quality of your room, but it also calculates the life remaining on the filters, so you always know when the filters should be changed. In Auto Mode, the AG600 will automatically adjust the fan speed to the ideal setting based on the quality of the air in your room. The Sleep Mode will turn off the lights in the LCD display and change the fan speed to the lowest setting. There is also a convenient remote control and casters for easy portability. The AG600’s durable aluminum housing is easy to clean and the filters are easy to replace. The gas/odor filter should be checked every month and vacuumed as needed. The filters and module, on average, need full replacement every 8-12 months or as indicated by the filter replacement indicator on the LCD display.

The Airgle PurePal AG600 air purifier effectively removes unwanted pollutants from the air through a 3-step process. Contaminated air is drawn through a grill in the back of the unit where it passes through a Gas/Odor filter containing 3.5-lbs of premium activated carbon to absorb gas, odors and chemicals. The air is then pushed through 25 sq. ft. of cHEPA filter media to filter out ultrafine particles. The final step of air purification involves the air passing through the Titanium Pro module where any remaining pollutants are eradicated by exposure to a TiO2 catalyst and germicidal UV light. Clean air is returned to your room through a front air outlet with no residual ozone.


For rooms up to 296 sq. ft

Airflow: 219 CFM

110-120V AC outlet

Ultra quiet: 32dB (lowest speed)

5 Speed Fan

Aluminum housing

LCD Display

Auto and Sleep Mode

Ozone Free

Off Timer

Filter Life Monitor

Air Quality Monitor

Remote Control


Color: Silver

Energy Star qualified

CARB approved

AHAM certified

5 year limited warranty


Length: 16”

Width: 15”

Height: 20”


1 AG600 unit with Carbon filter, cHEPA filter & Titanium Pro UV module

4 Casters

Remote control and battery

Owner’s manual with Warranty Certificate
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