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Airgle AG900 PurePal MultiGas Air Purifiers

Airgle AG900 PurePal MultiGas Air Purifiers
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The PurePal Clean Room AG900 air purifier is a dual purpose air purification system designed to assist with airborne infection control in clinics, hospitals and health care facilities as well as residential applications for those individuals suffering from severe asthma/allergies or critical respiratory problems like COPD, acute bronchitis and pneumonia. Most effective in rooms up to 617 square feet, the PurePal Clean Room AG900 air purifier is able to circulate the air in the room up to 5 times per hour; that equals an air delivery rate of almost 408 cubic feet per minute.

Some unique features of the PurePal Clean Room AG900 air purifier include a 1-12 hour timer for continuous operation and Night Mode, where the easy-to-read LCD panel light can be shut off. When the unit is in Auto Mode, the air quality indicator automatically adjusts the 5-speed fan depending on the number of pollutants detected in the air. There is a remote control for convenience and caster wheels for mobility. The outer aluminum housing is sturdy and easy to clean with only a little lukewarm water and mild detergent. The grill within the rear door acts as a filter for hair and other large particles and only needs a little light vacuuming.

Equipped with the latest technology, the PurePal Clean Room AG900 air purifier has a filtration efficiency greater than 99% giving it one of the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates in the industry. The gas/odor filter contains 6-lbs of activated carbon to remove VOC's and odors from smoke and gas. There is 40 square feet of antimicrobial treated cHEPA filter material that eliminates ultra fine particles like dust, pollen and mold 60% better than other HEPA filters. The Titanium Pro utilizes photocatalytic oxidation technology to safely break down pollutants to .3 microns in size and kill bacterial organisms and viruses. The Titanium Pro has a 6.4% larger catalytic area than other TiO2 models on the market.

There are monitors within the PurePal Clean Room AG900 for the cHEPA and Titanium Pro filters, so you will always know when they need replacing. The filters are easy to replace and require no tools or maintenance! The gas/odor filter is not monitored by the unit and should be checked every two months and vacuumed as necessary. Both the gas/odor filter and the cHEPA filter need a full replacement every 12-16 months. The Titanium Pro filter is designed to last 6000 hours.

The PurePal Clean Room AG900 has low energy consumption and is certified by Energy Star and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. The PurePal Clean Room AG900 has the ETL Listed mark from Intertek, meaning it has proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. The unit is Ozone free and approved by the California Air Resources Board, who passes pollution related standards. The PurePal Clean Room AG900 air purifier also has a five year warranty against defects (applies to US and Canada only).

At a Glance:

For rooms up to 617 sq. ft.

Filtration efficiency 99.991%

Filter Replacement Indicators

5-speed fan

Auto and Night modes

LCD Display

Timer 1-12 hours


Remote Control (requires a 3V lithium coin battery)

Ozone Free

110-120V AC outlet

Color: Silver

Energy star qualified

AHAM certified

CARB approved

ETL Listed

5 year warranty


Length: 17.7 in.

Width: 18 in.

Height: 25 in.

Power Cord: 6.6 ft.

Weight: 61-lbs.

Shipping weight: 68-lbs.

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