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Air Quality Mold test kit

Air Quality Mold test kit
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Air Quality Mold Test Kit for Mold, Bacteria or Yeast.

Today, most people are just not aware of the harmful contaminants lurking in our air. You assume that the dust levels are low or if you vacuum more often that the air is clean. The truth is most homes and offices today have extremely poor indoor air quality. This isnít because of dust, itís from mold, yeast and bacteria building up in our tightly sealed living spaces.

Test for mold, bacteria or yeast today with a home air quality test from A.M.I. Services.

When you see the results you can get help from a professional or choose an air purifier for your needs. These indoor air quality test kits are some of the most reliable and cheapest tests on the market. The best thing about this test is that you don't have to send it to a lab and wait for the results. You can get your own results when you want to and it only takes a couple of days.

There are two tests in every package so you can examine two areas of your home or perform a before and after.

This kit checks your home for Mold, Bacteria or Yeast.

If you're concerned about mold in your home this is the kit for you. Try one of our indoor air testing kits today! Home air quality tests you can rely on.

This kit comes with easy to follow instructions. Just place the dish in an area to be tested and place the jell in it. It's that easy. Save money and time!

No Lab Fees! This is a do it yourself kit.

Two Tests Per Kit

Test your home for Mold, Bacteria or Yeast with our Air Quality Test kit today!


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