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Introducing high quality filterless UV Air Oasis air purifiers for high quality air.

Air Oasis filterless air purifiers. Reduce airborne and surface contaminants with an Air Oasis air purifier. Providing a host of features and sporting an innovative design, the UV air purifier units from air oasis you find here have all passed a rigorous test of quality standards. It's our goal to provide only the best quality and value in a whole house air purifier, so you can shop with confidence.

Whether you're shopping for room, whole house UV air purifier, HEPA air cleaners or comprehensive purification for all of your indoor space, AMI is your Air Oasis air purifer retailer of choice. Maintenance free for three years and without any filters or grids to clean, Air Oasis air purifiers are leading the charge in economical, high efficiency air purifier units. Featuring leading-edge ion air sanitizing technology and whisper quiet operation, there simply is no better choice in a filterless air purifier for your home or office.

Featuring a model for nearly any use Air Oasis uv air sanitizers come in a range of sizes, providing complete solutions wherever you want cleaner air. After improving on the latest advances in ionic uv air purifiers, we incorporated our patented technology into a variety of air cleaners. For a smoke air purifier, or just to reduce airborne contaminants, Air Oasis Air purifiers are the only choice.

When an ozone air purifier alone simply won't do, or if you're leery of the laundry list of downsides to a traditional ozone air purifier, then it's time to try a filterless air purifier from Air Oasis. They take the place of a HEPA air filter system for less cost and almost no maintenance. Read on and see for yourself, with tomorrow's technology today Oasis Air is cleaning up more than just air.

Breakthrough UV Air Purifier Technology Works on Surfaces!

In air purifier studies conducted by Dr. Nabarun Ghosh of West Texas A&M University, it was proven that Air Oasis air purifier technology not only purifies the air, but sanitizes surfaces as well. These studies measured reductions in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on surfaces, as well as reductions in other bacterias, mold and fungus. Overall, there was a 75% reduction in microbes and fungus in only 24 hours of use. Other studies showed an almost complete eradication over longer periods of exposure to the Air Oasis air purifier. Studies have also proven the Air Oasis UV air purifier effective treatment on the concentration of indoor airborne substance that trigger allergic reactions, as well as the reductions of VOCs, which can be up to ten times higher indoors.

UV PCO Air Purifier Technology Developed by NASA

More than 20 years after NASA put the first man on the moon, NASA began to prepare for future man missions into deep space by growing their own fruit and vegetables in space. They had to find a way to reduce ethylene gas which was destroying the plants and vegetables when they would ripen. NASA developed an ethylene scrub air purification machine using a titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalyst in conjunction with UV lamps to remove the ethylene gas. Subsequent tests revealed that this PCO/TiO2 air purifier technology also helped destroy harmful organisms such as bacteria that passed through the system.

Air Oasis utilized early NASA air sanitizing technology to develop a revolutionary line of UV air purifiers. Every Air Oasis air purifier contains a UV photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) cell coated with a proprietary nano Nickel HCT catalyst that is permanently bonded to the PCO cell structure. When electrons from the germicidal UVC lamp excite water and oxygen molecules on the catalyst surface, redundant oxidizers, including hydroxyl radicals, are formed. Organic compounds that collide with the catalyst are greatly reduced.

The proprietary patent-pending Air Oasis nano Nickel HCT catalyst is superior to any PCO catayst currently on the market. Don't risk your family's health and waste your hard earned money on cheap imitations. Buy only the best! Buy an Air Oasis!

Don't risk your family's health and waste your hard earned money on cheap imitations. Buy only the best! Buy Air Oasis air purifiers!

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Whether you need a whole house filterless air purifier or car air purifier, we have the right solution for you. Besides room air purifiers, we offer an indoor air quality test kit to initially determine how unclean the air in your home might be. Please be sure to read about our home radon test kits, as well as our Blueair Hepa air purifiers and our filterless UV air purifiers, too. We will not sell an air purifier unless it passes our strict field standards. If we have it, then you know it's worthy to be in your home or office, or whatever space you treasure.

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