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Hard Water Genie No Salt Treatment Conditioner

Hard Water Genie
Hard Water Genie
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Product Description

The New Hard Water Genie

Compact and portable, the Hard Water Genie is an eco-friendly computerized water conditioner for your home. Unlike other water softening systems that use salt or other chemicals, the Hard Water Genie uses electronic and electromagnetic pulse technology to protect your home from lime scale deposits that can accumulate in your water pipes. Genie will not change the composition of the water in your home and will not negatively affect your water pressure. In fact, you may even see an increase in water pressure due to the reduction of lime scale build-up.

Easy to install and maintenance free, the Genie is compatible with all types of pipes up to 2.5 in diameter and can even be used in conjunction with other existing filter systems/softeners. The Hard Water Genie uses very little energy, costing on average less than $8-10 per year!

The Hard Water Genie consists of an electronic unit and two coils, which are wrapped around the water pipe where it enters your home. Once the unit is plugged in, the Genie creates 13,000 low frequency pulses per second that change the make-up of the hard water minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) in the water, preventing them from adhering together to create lime scale build-up. Because no new scale is formed, existing old scale deposits are slowly removed by the force of the flowing water. The Hard Water Genie can descale and protect your whole home, from sinks and bathtubs to hot water systems and appliances.

Every Hard Water Genie unit has a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty that it will be free of defects in materials and workmanship following the date of delivery.


Supply Voltage: 110/240V

Energy Consumption: 6W

Power Supply: 12V external adaptor

Pipe Size: up to 2.5

Color: White

Dimensions: 20L x 14.5H x 9W

Unit Weight: 2.6-lb.

Limited Lifetime Manufacturer warranty

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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